Manage Priority

If you have set up more than one Funnel for your store, and if they match all the rule for display, then you may choose the order in which the funnels should be displayed on your store frontend with help of the Manage Priority feature.

  1. To do so please navigate to Apps->Post UpSell->Manage Priority

  2. Now a popup would appear with the list of all funnels created like below

3. Now you may consider dragging the funnel name that you wish to display first and reorder the priority.

4. Once you have set the order of the Funnel display click on Update priority button to save the changes.

Now the offer page will display the funnel based on the order you have set in here. You can view a message that says "Priority updated successfully".

Please remember the rules will be displayed based on Funnel Priority only. So make sure to click on Manage Priority button and check the order of the rules.

Here is a detailed video on Manage Priority

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