Automated Cart Recovery Messages

Learn how to send Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery messages over WhatsApp for your Shopify Store

WhatsApp Automation allows you to send out automated messages to the customer and help recovering the abandoned cart for the store.

In this modern century where social media is ruling the marketing and advertising, the WhatsApp messages have a very higher open rates, which can skyrocket your conversions. As there is high chance that the customer would check on the Whatsapp messages on a regular basis than checking on their personal emails.


  1. The automated message for the Cart recovery will be send out to the customers Whatsapp provided they have shared the mobile number that has a valid Whatsapp account with us in the checkout form.

  2. You have to upgrade your plan to Starter.

  3. Should receive approval for your Checkout Opt-in settings


  • The Automation starts after a customer abandons a checkout with a VALID phone number. Checkouts without a valid phone number will be ignored.

  • Also the provided phone number should have an active Whatsapp account.

  • Maximum of three automated message sequence can only be set.

  • You will have to choose from the six templates provided, to send the automated messages as these 6 readily available templates are the ones that are pre approved by Whatsapp.

  • You may set the time interval to a minimum of 15mins for the First automated message to be send out. That is less than 15minutes of time interval is not currently possible.

How does it work?

  • When a customer abandons a checkout with a phone number, we automatically send the message on WhatsApp from a WhatsApp approved business API number.

  • A unique recovery link can be sent in the message.

  • Customer can recover and complete the order.

  • Once completed, automated messages will be stopped immediately.

  • We automatically send your WhatsApp contact link, which customers can use to message back in case if they have a question.

The automation ends for a customer once he/she recovered the cart and completes successfully or when all messages have been sent.

How to Enable Automated Messages:

  1. Navigate to Apps->Checkoutful Beta->Dashboard->Get started

2. Automation-> Set the option as Enabled for "Automation is disable. Would you like to"

3. Upon enabling the automation successfully it will display as "Automation successfully enabled"

To Enable the Automated message templates:

  1. Navigate to Apps->Checkoutful Beta->Dashboard->Get started

  2. Scroll down to view the default automated message template.

  3. Click on Edit to edit the message template.

4. Set the following params to enable the template live.

  1. Enable the automation : Set the template as Live.

  2. Wait For: You may enter the time that the message should be send out once the cart is abandoned by the customer. Please note the minimum time interval can be one hour.

  3. Template Language: Select your template language from the dropbox. Please note that at the moment we do have only English template.

  4. Message template: You may select the message that you wish to send as automated to customer from the listed set of options in the dropbox.

  5. Whatsapp Phone Number: The number entered here will be replaced in the shortcode {{phone_number}} send with automated message.

  6. Save: Click and Save the save all the changes.

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