Automated Delivery Notification

Send automated delivery notifications via WhatsApp from your Shopify store

Delivery notification helps you to keep you customer updated on the order. You can send engaging updates from the time an order is shipped to the moment it is delivered.

With the Automated Delivery Notification messages it would help you add great discounts like percentage, fixed amount or free shipping that get sent automatically to customers so that they could use it for their next purchase and that should help you drive repeated sales and retain you valuable customers.

How does the Automated Delivery Notification Work?

Once a customer places receives the order placed with your store successfully, the customer will be send a delivery notification message over the WhatsApp.

To enable the Automated Delivery Notification message please navigate to Shopify Dashboard->Apps->WhatsApp Abandoned Cart->Automation->Order Delivery Template->Enable.

Optionally, you can also give a unique coupon code (generated automatically) or a static coupon for their next order.

Template Configuration:

To configure/edit the Delivery Notification message template: Please navigate to Shopify Dashboard->Apps->WhatsApp Abandoned Cart->Automation->Order Delivery Template->Edit.

Template Language: Select your template language from the Dropbox. Please note that at the moment we do have only English template.

Message Template: Please note that the default message available in this template is not editable as it is the pre-approved template by WhatsApp. Hence you would not be able to edit the content of the message here.

WhatsApp Phone Number: The number you enter in here will be sent in the message replacing the shot code {{phone_number}} in the message sent and also the same phone number will be used to construct the WhatsApp Link to replace {{whatsapp_link}} shortcode in the message.

Preview: The preview option would help you view the sample message that would be delivered to the customer via the WhatsApp.

Once you have configured the Delivery Notification template then click on Save to save all the changes performed.

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