Checkout Opt-in

Learn how to enable the Checkout Opt-in for your Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery messages via WhatsApp

WhatsApp requires users to Opt-in before you can send automated messages to the customers. Please complete the steps below to enable the Opt-in for your customers at the Checkout, which is the easiest option.

To get started, please go to your Shopify Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Checkout Settings

Step 1: Enable Phone Number fields

Find Customer's Contact section.

And choose the option "Customers can checkout using either phone number or email"

NOTE: If you want to use the email-only option, please go to the Form Options section -> Shipping address phone number. Choose the "Required" option.

Step 2: Enable Opt-in

Find the "Email Marketing" section and check the box for the field "Show a sign-up option at Checkout" and "Pre-select the sign-up option"

Step 3: Checkout Language

Find the Checkout Language section and click on the Manage Checkout Language button.

This will take you to the Checkout language page. Find the "Accept Marketing checkbox label" field.

Instead of the default text, change it to "Get order updates & offers on WhatsApp"


Step 3: Basic Information & Submission for Approval

Your site should have the following mandatory information available on your storefront at the time of the review.

  1. Contact Address - Your business address for communication

  2. Your Facebook Page - An official facebook page

  3. Terms and Conditions - Your store policies like ToS, Privacy and Refund

Lack of these basic information about the store will lead to rejection. So make sure that you have these information made available in your store front.

Once you have implemented the above steps, you can submit the Approval Request.

The request will be reviewed within 24 - 48 hours. Approval will be given only when all the above steps are followed.

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