The checkouts tab displays the all the abandoned checkouts with a phone number. If the customer did not provide a phone number, then it will NOT be listed in the Checkouts tab. To view the same please navigate to Shopify Dashboard->Apps->Whatsapp Abandoned Cart->Checkouts

You can also use the "Import" option to import old abandoned checkouts with a phone number

Abandoned Revenue: It displays the total revenue of the number of carts abandoned.

Abandoned Checkouts: It displays the total number of abandoned carts at the checkout.

Recovered Revenue: It displays the Total revenue gained from the abandoned cart recovered.

Recovered Checkouts: It displays the Total number of checkouts recovered among all the carts abandoned.

You can also view the details on the customer, their abandoned cart, WhatsApp automation status and many more in the checkouts page here.

Checkout: It displays a number that helps you to click on and view the cart that was abandoned by the customer at the checkout.

Date: It displays the date when the cart was abandoned by the customer.

Customer: It displays the customer's name, email address and phone number that the customer has mentioned in the checkout page before abandoning the cart.

Amount: It displays the total amount of the cart that was abandoned by the customer at the checkout page.

Status: It displays the status of the cart, for example: if the cart is abandoned by the customer at the checkout then the status would be mentioned as "Abandoned" here. And if the customer successfully place the order via the followup WhatsApp message sent to customer, then the status will be updated to as "Recovered" automatically.

Automation Status: It would display the Whatsapp Automation Message status here. If all your scheduled WhatsApp automation messages are delivered successfully to the customer then the status would be updated to as "Completed" automatically. When you click on the "View Details" link a pop up on the WhatsApp automation messages sent will be displayed along with the Message status and Date details as like below image:

Manual Message: WhatsApp Automation allows you to send out customized messages manually to the customer and help recovering the abandoned cart for the store. When clicked on "Send message" you will be directed to the default message template available and you may consider using that template or also consider creating new Message template as per your requirement.

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